Bishop Hooper Church of England Primary

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School Clubs

Clubs at Bishop Hooper School

Breakfast Club:  

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. If demand increases, we may be able to offer a daily breakfast club.

After School and lunch time clubs:

We aim to offer a wide range of after school clubs each half term.
Currently on offer is:
Monday: Gymnastics - KS1 (after school)
Tuesday: Playground games - KS1 (after school)
Wednesday: Net ball - KS2 (after school)
Thursday: Mahjong club (lunch time)
Thursday: Lego and Board Games - KS1 and 2 (after school)
Thursday: Learn to play Mahjong for parents and carers (after school)



Mahjong Club

Playground Games Club

Recorder Club

Hand bell club

Lego Club