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Safer School

Safer School Information for Bishop Hooper Primary

Our school has been re-accredited for another two years following our annual Safer School audit 2019.
Mr Ian Bartlett, our Safer Schools Crime Prevention Officer had this to say about our Safer Schools work:
In 2014, Bishop Hooper C. E. Primary School was accredited as a ‘Safer School’. Five years later and Headteacher, Mrs Gittins, has continued the security/safety initiative. An important part of the Safer School initiative is having a regular review and recently the school held an annual ‘Safer School Group’ meeting. It was thorough, and an excellent example of a Safer School Group, where all contributed to the meeting. The meeting included analysing parent/carer and pupil feedback/surveys, reviewing security and safety measures, preparing an action plan and establishing an incident recording process. The parent/carer feedback and pupil surveys were particularly worthwhile and overwhelmingly, the results were positive. Feedback included some good observations and very positive comments about the school and the leadership and management. In addition, Mrs Gittins has been innovative and the first of the 140+ ‘Safer Schools’ in Shropshire to survey the school staff for their views on security/safety. This survey gave the meeting another worthwhile perspective on the school and most valuable. The meeting concluded with establishing a future Safer School Group meeting date in the Summer 2020. Overall, excellent work!